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In The Angel of Secrets, a young and ambitious London lawyer has a mind-bending experience while standing by her grandmother’s deathbed. Beth Morgan finds herself surrounded by a brilliant light and hears a voice saying:

I am the Angel of Secrets, find me!

Beth is a modern, sceptical thinker and she is challenged by this out-of-the-box call to action. The story arc that describes Beth’s personal journey unfolds over four novels, or ‘Sigils’, as I prefer to call them. Follow this link to discover more about the Sigils.

I don’t use the word ‘supernatural’ – magic is just something we don’t yet understand. I know from personal experience and research that many people experience dimensions of reality which may seem strange, but are perfectly natural. A protective guide or angel can turn up during a crisis and encourage a suffering human to make better choices. This experience can be a life-changing event. Modern science does not – and cannot – explain everything.

My stories and poems deal with the mystical, mythical and magical. Here you will find angels, fairies, a monster in the swamp, an old crone in the woods, gods and goddesses in underworlds or mountains.

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