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I still have the hand-written copy of what must have been my very first attempt at a short story, written aged around twelve for a school project. A Shopping Dream is the tale of a child going to sleep in a toy shop and dreaming that the toys come to life. I’ve been writing magical stories ever since.

All my stories and poems deal with the mystical, mythical and fantastical. Here you will find angels, fairies, old crones in the woods, gods and goddesses.

I know from personal experience and research that people can experience many dimensions of reality that may not seem ‘normal’, but are all perfectly natural. So I don’t like to use the word ‘supernatural’ – magic is just something we don’t yet understand. A fairy, an angel, or a ghost can turn up during a crisis and encourage a suffering human to make better choices. When you open your mind to mystical dimensions through stories, poetry or music, you are much more likely to experience those deeper levels of reality for yourself.

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