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Beth’s journey – Sigil I


  • Begins in Highgate, London.
  • Drives to Nevern, Pembrokeshire, Wales.
  • Takes a walk on the coastal path and drops into Patio Café in Llangrannog, Ceredigion, Wales.
  • Consults library and professor in Lampeter, Ceredigion, Wales.
  • Visits friends in Avebury, Wiltshire, England.
  • Goes further South to consult astrologer in Glastonbury, Somerset, England.
  • Returns to Nevern for funeral.
  • Sets off to Carmarthen Railway Station, leaving Porsche in car park.
  • Train to Cardiff, Wales.
  • Flies to Amsterdam.
  • Researches in Ritman Library where she meets Dan Cohen.


  • Begins in Waiheke, New Zealand.
  • Flies to Tel Aviv, Israel, via Auckland, New Zealand.
  • On the way there is long delay at Dubai Airport, U.A.E.
  • He’s driven from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem by Jakob Efram.
  • Uncle’s lawyer tells him he must call on banker in Amsterdam, Netherlands.
  • Dan sees a ‘key’ to The Book of Raziel and goes to Ritman Library to research.
  • Meets Beth in the library.

Beth and Dan

  • Beth and Dan fly to Paris, France, to meet Charlotte Howard.
  • They both travel to Jerusalem, Israel, and consult with scholars.
  • Felix Cohen’s diaries prompt them to go further north to Safed, Israel.
  • They meet Henri Zussman who invites them to Prague, Czech Republic.
  • Next, they return to Stansted airport, England.
  • Then Bloomsbury, London, to stay with Beth’s mother.
  • They travel to Oxford to research at the Ashmolean Museum.
  • In order to evade pursuers, Beth and Dan take country route towards Wales.
  • On the way, they call at Swindon to change hire car and replace any traceable items.
  • They stop in the Cotswolds and visit Snowshill Manor, Gloucestershire.
  • A conversation prompts diversion to the Cornish Witchcraft Museum.
  • They drive back to Wales via Glastonbury, Somerset.
  • Beth returns to London, and Dan returns to Waiheke.
Beth’s Journey