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Nevern is a tiny village close to the small town of Newport in Wales (that’s Newport in Pembrokeshire, not the big city you pass through on the Great Western Railway line from Paddington).

When esoteric researcher Naomi Goldman left France to marry a Welshman, dairy-farmer Tom Morgan, they lived on his family farm in Pembrokeshire. After Tom died, Naomi purchased a small cottage in Nevern, within walking distance of the Norman church and Nevern Castle.

Nevern CastleThe castle is perched on top of a very small hill, where medieval debris has recently been dug out. For generations it was known locally as a ‘faery mound’, which, according to author and West Wales monument expert, Robin Heath, is perfectly coordinated with the landscape’s geometry. The hill makes an equilateral triangle with the peak of the nearby mountain Carningli, (romantically known as The Mountain of Angels) and another iconic megalith, Pentre Ifan, dated around 3500 BCE.

Naomi was well aware of the myths and legends that surround the castle and the ancient history embedded in the local landscape. She considered herself as a priestess of mystical wisdom and explored landscape geometry as well as Jewish kabbalah. If you want to discover more about such things, I recommend Robin Heath’s book, Bluestone Magic about the Preseli Hills, where a lot of the action in The Angel of Secrets takes place. I’m not promising it will help you solve Will’s puzzles, but it will add to the multi-dimensional experience of Beth’s quest.

Carningli from Nevern Castle, copyright Will Shaman